KAMAL SHARMA, Certified Numerologist and Astrologer.

My project

Welcome to cosmicforesight, where we are dedicated to guiding individuals on their transformative journey through the power of Astrology.

KAMAL’s journey for Astrology and Occult Sciences and healing arts has been a source of attraction to him from his childhood days, preparation of Janam Patri and examining the horoscope for his clients in later age besides reading the essence of Vedas and Purana’s. and spiritually inclined too. In order to equipped professionally, he joined Sh.O.P.Verma’s classes in Delhi and perfected Vedic & Western astrology to tune up the knowledge in astrology and allied occult science including Numerology, and Vastu. Needless to say Sh.O.P.Verma is an eminent astrologer and writer of different astrological books.

Thanks to all my Guru’s, teachers, mentors who has provided their knowledge with divine grace. Lot of gratitude to them.

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